ABOYERD is a not-for-profit organization and depends largely on external support. However, with our current goal of attaining self-sufficiency in 10 years’ time, we are putting in place income generating schemes such as sales of proceeds from demonstration farms besides our usual membership contributions. We are striving towards a 100% model where every cent of every dollar donated goes directly to conservation work, with zero administrative or overhead fees taken.

To meet up with this vision, ABOYERD is establishing sustainable income generation activities including but not limited to

ABOYERD currently has an office-based mushroom farm from which mushroom is harvested and sold both in fresh and dried form. It is hoped that this farm will be expanded with time to meet up with increasing demands especially as we are delving into the production of value added mushroom products like pickled mushroom, mushroom seasoning etc. This farm also serves as a laboratory for hand-on training in the empowerment of target groups especially vegetarians, youths, single mothers, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from the current Anglophone crisis in the country etc.

Snail farms are currently being constructed in the Dschang office site of ABOYERD. This initiative is intended to serve the same purpose as our organic mushroom farming program.

ABOYERD is also running organic gardens targeting cultivation of vegetables including cabbage, pepper, cucumber etc. This is motivated by our desire to promote organic and healthy lifestyles. This initiative will serve the same purpose as those above.