Agriculture and Bio-conservation Organization for Youth Empowerment and Rural Development (ABOYERD) is a grassroots nonprofit, non-denominational, apolitical organization legally registered as a Common Initiative Group (CIG) with registration number NW/GP/001/17/16274
in conformity with law N
o 92/006 of 14th August 1992 of the Republic of Cameroon. We believe that for Cameroon’s rich flora and fauna to thrive, indigenous communities must be the focal point as they are often biodiversity rich, highly biodiversity-dependent for livelihood, and
predominantly poor. We focus on such communities providing them with conservation awareness, livelihoods alternatives as well as highly democratic, participatory, and pro-poor research based conservation strategies. We believe that by working with these communities in an
innovative, collaborative and action oriented approach, we will be able to promote sustainable development, the conservation of biological diversity and natural ecosystems, and the wise and ethical use of natural resources for the benefit of these indigenous people both present and future. Our belief is that these local actions will have cascading impacts at the global level. ABOYERD is committed to
excellence, transparency and accountability in delivering our work, responding to the needs of the indigenous people and our environment, and in working together
with our partners, communities and all sectors of society for long term solutions.

ABOYERD’s mission is to promote the protection of wildlife and their ecosystems, while
assuring a future for human communities living within, through scientific research, communitybased environmental education and outreach, forest landscape restoration, sustainable
community development and advocacy within conservation priority areas across the Republic of



Our Objectives

Agriculture and Bio-conservation Organization for Youth Empowerment and Rural Development (ABOYERD) has adopted certain specific objectives which are to:

1. To empower students, pupils and farmers, hunters and local indigenes on “climate change fight” strategies

2. Protect, regenerate, restore, enrich and maintain the biodiversity of Cameroon’s areas of high conservation value, having direct or indirect impact on human life.

3. Support development and implementation of protected area management and business plans, with collaborative management and wildlife law enforcement as central themes

4. Promote livelihoods, culture, and socio-economic development such as ecotourism and rights of communities dependent on these ecosystems.

5. Engage actively in biodiversity conservation research that will inform policy-making, act as a repository of information and build the foundation for capacity building and welfare programs.

6. Cooperate and foster partnerships with other organizations – government, NGO, private sector, community and donor – to better promote sustainable development in rural areas; and

7. Raise awareness and build young people’s ability to address critical environmental and social development issues.

8. To stimulate tree planting (agroforestry) and modern farming techniques as well as improved pasture.

9. Encourage research students with money/research equipment for scientific discovery
towards conservation of the ecosystem.

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