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Field Conservation Heroes Program (FCHP).

Field Conservation Heroes Program (FCHP).

ABOYERD pioneer executive staff believe that bridging the wide gap that exists between classroom conservation (theory) and field conservation (which most conservation related university programs in Cameroon have failed to consider) is imperative in grooming young conservationists who will serve as true environmental doctors in the field.

ABOYERD’s FCHP has been designed to provide conservation enthusiasts having just theoretical knowledge with field experience and the necessary exposure that will enable them make an excellent professional career in the field of conservation.

 This program comprises specific activities including but not limited to the following:

  1. Lending out research equipment (at little cost) to graduate students who cannot afford them in order to support them carryout their research work.
    1. Recruiting young graduates to serve as interns in our programs during which they gain field experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of conservation projects. The program also exposes them to strong networks and job opportunities in the field of conservation.