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Women Green Clubs (WGCs)

WGCs is a livelihoods improvement initiative for rural women across the Republic of Cameroon.
Recognizing women as the main drivers of rural development, ABOYERD is working to
transform the lives of socially excluded and low-income women in rural areas from social
exclusion to social inclusion and from poverty to prosperity while conserving the ecosystems on
which they depend for livelihood.
With generous support from The Pollination Project, the pilot phase of this program trained over
40 low-income and socially excluded Mbororo (cattle-herding indigenous pastoralist) women
from four villages in Foto-Dschang, West Region, Cameroon on collective entrepreneurship
through organic commercial kitchen gardening. These women have started raising their own
income and are beginning to appreciate the importance of economic independence. They are now
acting as trainers, sharing knowledge and new skills acquired with their peers. With successes
recorded, ABOYERD is now scaling up this project to other communities.