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School Wildlife Programs (SWPs)

SWPs is a conservation education initiative of ABOYERD targeting school children in
conservation priority areas. With seed support from the Mohammed bin Zayed Species
Conservation Fund, we are working with primary and secondary schools surrounding the Mbam
Djerem National Park to safeguard the park’s unique biodiversity. Having recognized youths as
tomorrows stewards of biodiversity, this program is intended to increase knowledge of
environmental issues in order to promote awareness and concerns for nature conservation in
secondary school students; inform children about the fauna and flora of the region so that they
learn about the importance of the forests, its products, and its wildlife. We hope this will
encourage students to take pride in the biodiversity that exists in their region; inform children
and encourage their respect for existing laws on forestry, fisheries and wildlife to reduce illegal
activities; introduce important conservation concepts (e.g. sustainable use, pollution avoidance)
and ecological principles (e.g. interdependence, adaptation, cycling of resources) to promote
active participation in nature conservation. So far, we have established active wildlife clubs in
five primary and secondary schools close to the Mbam Djerem National Park. More are being
created in secondary schools within the Campo Ma’an National Park in the Southern part of
Cameroon as well as in the Lebialem Highlands of southwestern Cameroon. Contributions made
by these clubs in habitat regeneration and the fight against climate change have been amazing.