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Population, Health and Environment (PHE) Programs:

PHE is a relatively new but very effective conservation and climate change impact mitigation
concept being implemented by ABOYERD in some of our priority areas. In partnership with
another local NGO known as HEDECS (Health Development Consultancy Services),
ABOYERD has been working with indigenous communities surrounding the Kagwene Gorilla
Sanctuary, northwestern Cameroon to establish a balance between population and natural
resources and improve their resilience to climate change impacts. Major activities have included
family planning and health education and outreach programs. Through this initiative, women
within the area now have control over the timing of pregnancy and are beginning to appreciate
the importance of having fewer children with a guaranteed future. It is hoped that through
reduced birthrates, the population will drop and a balance between population and environment
will be established. By empowering these people to combat and avoid common health challenges
such as sexually transmissible infections and waterborne diseases, this program is gradually
building their resilience against climate change impacts. ABOYERD is now expanding the
program to other priority sites including but not limited to Mbam Djerem National Park, Campo
Ma’an National Park and the Kilum-Ijim Community Forest.