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Participatory Wildlife Research and Monitoring

ABOYERD is made up of a team of
qualified and experienced researchers in applied ecology and wildlife management as well as
agriculture. ABOYERD is currently involved in scientific research on wildlife species including
rare and endemic birds such as the Bannerman’s turaco and the Banded Wattle-eye, mammals
such as pangolins, African forest elephants, chimpanzees and gorillas. Research on poaching and
illegal harvesting of forest resources has also been of interest. Through results acquired, we have
been able to advocate for and implement effective conservation management approaches and
influence policy. For a bigger impact, we ensure that research results are well documented and
disseminated through publications in peer-reviewed journals and presentations at local and
international conferences. With this, we hope to realize our mission to promote the protection of
wildlife and their ecosystems, while assuring a future for human communities living within.