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ABOYERD’s vision for our two sites of intervention (Mbam Djerem National Park and Campo Ma’an National Park) is an environment where both humans and wildlife enjoy a mutually beneficial co-existence.

To attain this vision, ABOYERD has designed programs that support the conservation of wildlife and their ecosystems while improving on the livelihoods of indigenous communities living within. Our main conservation actions are centered around environmental education/conservation awareness and community engagement. We ensure that every conservation action being implemented is informed by site-specific scientific research. Every step of the way, we put our values – environmental justice, animal welfare, and human welfare at the forefront.

ABOYERD currently runs two SMART Programs – The Campo Ma’an Great Apes and Elephants Protection Program (CAMGAEPP) and The Mbam Djerem Pangolin Protection Program (The Ngouroumoutou Project). A third program known as Field Conservation Heroes Program (FCHP) is the most recent.