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Ecosystem Restoration (ER)

Having seen that ecosystem restoration is fundamental to
achieving the SDGs, particularly on climate change, poverty eradication, food security, water and
biodiversity conservation, ABOYERD has taken up the challenge of planning and implementing
tree planting programs with agroforestry as key activity. Our success with this program is owed
to the highly inclusive and participatory approach used. We follow a purely community-based
approach wherein the local population participates in mapping of degraded plots, identification
of native trees for restoration, development/management of community nurseries and planting of
saplings. Our community nursery approach has proven to be a huge incentive for local support
and guarantor of sustainability as nurseries often provide income-generating opportunities, act as
models for further nursery development, provide seedlings more cheaply to other projects, and
raise the particular species that local people are interested in.