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In order to heighten awareness of the importance of biodiversity and the need to conserve it,
ABOYERD has been carrying out awareness campaigns within target communities and has also
been planning and implementing conservation education programs targeting public and private
school students and administrators as well as educators’ associations. By this, more and more
local communities are taking up the challenge of standing as stewards of their rich ecosystems.
Our main secret to success has been the provision of livelihoods alternatives which have indeed
improved the living conditions of target communities who have in turn pledged their support for
the long-term conservation of wildlife. Our major activities for alternative livelihoods have been
beekeeping, mushroom farming, and more recently snail domestication. Dependence on forest
resources for livelihoods within these communities has dropped tremendously, thus reducing
pressure on the forest. Considering the huge conservation successes achieved through this
program, ABOYERD has listed education/outreach and capacity building in livelihoods
alternatives as top priority. Emblematic projects here include the Campo Ma’an Great Apes and
Elephants Protection Program (CAMGAEP) and Mbam Djerem Giant Pangolin Protection
Program .